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Burn Amnesty Week
April 19th - April 26th

Per County Ordinance 55-03, St. Joseph County temporarily suspends the "burn ban" for one week in each of the spring and fall seasons. The amnesty week permits County residents to burn leaves as long as the burn piles are at least 200 feet from any other residence, business, school, elderly care, assisted living, or other health care facility. The County encourages all persons who decide to burn during this week to remember to take others into consideration when choosing the time of day to burn and weather conditions. Burning is unhealthy for the environment because leaves on fire release dangerous hydrocarbons into the air.

Here are some helpful tips for Safety:

  1. Never leave a fire unattended, an adult should always be present
  2. Children and pets should be kept a safe distance away
  3. Burn only dry leaves
  4. Never use gasoline or a flammable liquid to start the fire
  5. Keep a garden hose or other fire extinguishing material handy to put it out or call your Township Fire Department at the first sign of trouble
  6. Burn one small pile at a time and slowly add to it
  7. Do not burn near utility lines
  8. Hose the fire down once it burns out
  9. Gather the ash safely and properly dispose of it or place in a metal container to reduce the risk of an out of control fire
  10. Call 911 for help immediately if a fire gets out of control

Helpful Gardening Tip - mix ashes with the soil in your garden. The ashes contain vital nutrients and help keep slugs and harmful inspects away.

2015 Seasonal Weight Restrictions
Rescinded as of April 13th

St. Joseph County Leaf Program
Spring Collection Pass

*** Weather Permitting ***

The annual Leaf Program will begin the Spring Pass on Monday, April 6th, weather permitting. The St. Joseph County Programs is ONLY for the unincorporated areas of St. Joseph County. Residents west and south of the St. Joseph Valley Parkway DO NOT need to register UNLESS they are NOT in a Subdivision or Neighborhood.


Monday, April 6th, Spring Pass Collections begin in Clay Township and rotate clockwise around St. Joseph County. Please get any remaiing leaves out to the curb by Monday, April 6th. There will only be one single Spring Pass. There will be no returns for leaves that are not out on the curbline by Sunday April 5th.

Leaf Piles Must be within Five (5) feet of the Road

Leaves must be raked within 5' of the roadside and not into the roadway or ditches which may cause drainage issues during periods of rainfall. Leaves further than 5' from the road will not be collected because the vac hoses do not reach further and vac crews are not allowed to leave the roadway to get closer to piles so that ruts from the vacs do not damage yards.

Bagged leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, trash, pet feces or tree limbs are not included in the St. Joseph County LEAF Collection Prorgram and if any of these items are in a resident's leafe pile, the ENTIRE pile wll NOT be collected. These items clog/damage vacs and cause a vac crew to go OUT OF SERVICE unil repaired and pet feces create health and sanitary issues for Collection Crew Team Members.

Residents are required to have their leaves out and ready for the pickup on the first day of the announced schedule as exact pickup times per street or neighborhood cannot be provided.

If residents leaves are not out on the first day of the first pas and the vac has already passed by, the leaves will not be collected.

Tarping is Allowed

Residents concerned about blowing leaves may cover the raked leaves at the burb with a tarp so they don't blow away and the vac crews will remove it and leave it at the curbside. GreenWorld is not responsible for tarp damage or missing tarps.

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