Chip Seal Program

The Chip and Seal Program is performed in house each year by the Highway Division. Chip and Seal provides waterproofing, crack sealing, and improved traction, which in turn, extends the useful life of the existing pavement. Chip and Seal is not used as a structural remedy to failing pavement, but rather a surface repair. A road may be Chip and Sealed multiple times, as long as the pavement is structurally sound.

Public Works maintains a pavement rating system, to assist in the prioritization of roads to be Chip and Sealed. Recommendations are given to the Board of Commissioners for their consideration and approval of the annual Chip and Seal Program.

2017 Chip Seal Program

The Board of Commissioners have approved the list of roads to be chip sealed this year. A map is currently be created, and will be available to the public soon.