Laredo Land Records Search

Contractual Agreement

View the contractual agreement (PDF) between Laredo and St. Joseph County.

Services Available

  • Digital images of all documents recorded on or after January, 1992
  • Full index inquiry for all documents recorded since 1992
  • Temporary index for same day recording information, including instrument number, date recorded, grantor, grantee and document type

System Requirements

Laredo users must have the following:
  • Internet access (high speed)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or greater
  • Monitor capable of at least 1024 x 768

Laredo Fee Schedule
 Plan User
 Charge  Overage Charge
0 - 250 minutes
$50 per month
$0.20 per minute
251 - 1000 minutes
$100 per month
$0.15 per minute
1001 - 3000 minutes
$200 per month
$0.12 per minute
3001 - 6000 minutes
$300 per month
$0.10 per minute
Unlimited minutes
$500 per month
$100 per extra user

Overage Charge

The overage charge is per minute charge for each minute over the plan that was originally signed up for.

Copy Fee

There is also a copy fee of $1 per page for copies of documents.