Community Supervision

Community Supervision is an initiative of the Community Corrections Advisory Board that brings together a wide variety of programs and professionals who are responsible for monitoring offenders in our community.

This collaboration provides effective and efficient incarceration alternatives for offenders serving their sentences in St. Joseph County as well as individuals under Parole supervision.

  1. Adult Probation

  2. Community Reentry Center

    Offenders assigned to the Center participate in a program to help facilitate their reintegration into society, reside in a community-based correctional facility and are allowed to work in the community.

  3. DuComb Center

    DuComb Center is a community-based residential facility that serves as an alternative to incarceration, and provides programming in job readiness, substance abuse and cognitive skills.

  4. Parole Board

    The Board has jurisdiction over all offenders who committed their crimes before December 1977 and exercises discretionary parole release authority over them.

  5. Project Roots

    View the history of the establishment of the South Bend Project Roots.